The Bloody Battlefield

I laid in a bloody field

struck down by a weapon

I didn’t see

My mind and body had been attacked

in a battle to be free

Helpless and in silent fear

I watch the enemy raise his spear

He aimed for my heart to finish the job

his victory cry ring in my ear

The thrust was given with a smile

upon his twisted face

He danced and laughed

and was filled with joy

for he was now the Ace.

Who was this enemy that hated me

and why he was so angry,

I could not see?

Within the depths of my broken shell

a spark of life remained

I cried, oh God have pity on me

and wash away my stain!

And suddenly a man appeared

and picked me gently up

and life came in

as I ate his food and drank

from his own cup.

He clothed me with a royal robe

and placed a crown upon my head

From where I stood I saw a room

with golden lights that seem to spread

His eyes were darker than new wine

and He danced with joy and singing

His smile was warm and full of life

and now I knew this Man

had taken all my strife

And soon we were His glorious army

treading down the evil one

With power, might, and victory

given to us by God’s chosen Son.

The Spirit of God rose high

as we finally stood our ground

to show God’s love that was within

and it kept the devil bound.

But then, one day as we were busy

shining up our lamps,

a terrible man came to our camp

to steal our precious treasure

As he went throughout our midst

he brought tremendous pressure

Condemnation and judgment was his name

Killing, stealing and destroying was his game

I stood in fear and watched

unable to say a word

for he was huge and I was afraid of his sword.

Bewildered and confused

fighting desperatly for hours

I saw again that bloody field

Only this time it was ours

That Mighty Army that stood so tall

the one that Jesus owned

was now reduced to lifeless stones

because they missed the call.

The fighting that went on was over

Who was the best?

And I who wasn’t killed

was captured in the mess.

The freedom that I once walked in

seems only like a dream

Did we forget Love paid the price

and all the World’s redeemed?

We see the faults in others

but never in ourselves.

We shine our lights so bright

and put forgiveness on the shelf.

Forgiveness, righteousness, and holiness

Love has enough to last us through eternity

so stop trying to be so tough.

I look to God as my washer

not no waggling tongues

that tear me down

to shape me in the mold

they have become.

To judge each other with our standards

only brings discontentment.

Love came so that we may have love

The kind that brings redemption

So, now my Saints

please keep in mind

the Warriors we’ve knocked down

use your sword

but watch your aim

for it’s Love who wears

the Kingdom’s Crown.

~ Cindy Markovitch

The Bloody Battlefield