An Offering To Her King

There’s just something about a woman

who tasted defeat but refused to be a victim

Who rose above her pain

and turned it into glory

An offering to her King

She once was broken to the core

Excruciating pain knocked on her door

She could have made it her habitation

Lingered and dwelled

on what was handed to her

She preferred to rise above

what was sent to numb her

She had Papa right by her side

She couldn’t let pain

predict her life

She arose and she broke the barriers

sent to curb her

Broke down walls

that were sent to stop her

She had Papa right by her side

Lovingly leading and guiding her

Healing her heart and invading her life

With His consuming love

She could not stay the same

He taught her to look differently

at what was handed to her

Looking through His eyes

She saw an oasis of learning curves

Meant to elevate her

Never to harm her

She possessed the power to change

every setback into a come back

To turn what the enemy meant to harm her

Into a love song to her King

When you look at her

There’s no trace of her past

She resembles Papa’s heart

She is His warrior daughter

Ready to invade and to conquer

Uproot and to pull down

To decree and declare

the faithfulness of her King

She was created for this!

Her pain introduced her

to her destiny

She is where Papa longed for her to be!

She is courageous and bold

His battle axe and weapon of war

Yet, she is kind and compassionate

She is drenched in Papa’s love

He has turned her mourning into dancing

Unspeakable joy is now her portion

Together they retrieve

what the enemy stole

There’s no time to waste

Mountain moving faith

has become her dwelling place

She is Papa’s daughter

She learned from the best!

~ Ebigale Wilson

An Offering To Her King

The Journey