The One Who Completes Me

You allured me into the wilderness

The last place I wanted to be

So many other choices I fancied

The front seat

A stage

Fame and fortune

Why did you have to take me this route?

I thought I was Your darling child

Handpicked for greatness

With my coat of many colours

Ready to show off my knowledge

My pride

My ego

Without realising…my downfall

You saw further than my head knowledge

Gleaning and talking of other’s testimonies

Making it my own

Though I never wore their shoes

When You called me away from the crowd

I saw it as punishment

Not knowing that my life would be

forever wrecked by Your heart

You knew I still needed to wait for a while

The stage and the front seat

Would be my downfall

My character did not portray Your heart

Oh I could sound very “christianese”

Yes!! I could even play the part

Yet, I could not copy

When deep calls unto deep

When she is overcome and undone

by a brush of His presence

When she worships without borders

and her heart is changed

In the presence of her King

I had to surrender to my wilderness period

Let go of my head knowledge

Fall on my face

Till I was wrecked by the power

of Papa’s love and

His kindness towards me

Till He became my closest companion

The One who completes me

Who would have thought that the wilderness held the key to every dream Papa had for us

Fruitfulness is waiting in the wilderness

The more I let go of my flesh

The more You unpacked greatness within me

Hiding all along under my pride

my ego, and my will

You are worth more than the scraps

I was willing to give

Chasing after fame and fortune

Was never Your dream for me

You want to hold my gaze

Your presence should be

my most prized possession

Where I am emptied

but filled to the brim by Your love

Today I am Your covenant daughter

Betrothed to You forever

Stripped of what I thought

was important

Emptied but filled to overflow

With grain

With new wine

With fresh oil.

~ Ebigale Wilson

The One Who Completes Me

The Journey

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