Running in circles

Straight into You

The One I avoided

I came face to face with

No way of escape

It was the due date

I had to look up

Confront all my fears

Let go of the anger and hurt

I held onto for so many years

I drew back for a moment

My heart racing

Pictures of sin flooding my mind

I wonder if it’s also flooding Your’s

How could I a mere sinner

stand in the presence of

One so grand

I looked up

into Your eyes

filled with love

Not a trace of the judgment

I had expected

Love flowed from the marvellous light

that surround You

It enveloped every fiber

of my being

For the first time in my life

I knew the true meaning of love

I had to run into the One

Whom I needed most

Without knowing it

You were wooing me in

I could not escape

from the embrace

in Your eyes

I could not escape

from Your nailed pierced hands

That were stretched out to me

a mere sinner in rags

For a mere moment I retreated

I have run for so long

to avoid this sacred moment

I could have lost my soul

End up in the pit of hell

Still Your love drew me

from places

I dare not remember

For Your presence is sacred

Your presence is holy

Your presence frees us

from darkness that enslaves us

Your love stronger than death

Will cross every border

Search through every pigpen

Through the enemies camp

You won’t back down

To be united with us

You will not rest

Till we come home

What greater love is there to experience

Then our Father’s heart towards us

He cleanses, heals, and restores us

We are no longer slaves

To our circumstances

We are enslaved

by the Father’s unrelenting love

towards us.

~ Ebigale Wilson


The Journey