My Reflection

I want to be strong,

To pull myself up

From depth that has me chained

To fear,


And a past I can’t seem to forget;

In fear of what others might think,

I display a picture of strength,


And faith,

And yet I am so far away from it all,

Or at least that’s what my mind keeps

telling me;

I see myself fading,

Submerging deeper and deeper

Into the ocean where I am lost

Yet forever found by my Savior;

If only I would receive that

And accept His truth,

I would be better off

Than where fear has left me-

Paralyzed and feeling lost,

Not able to move forward

Out of fear of failure;

I want to be on the surface

Waiting for His love to find me

Instead of rejecting it

Cause thoughts keep telling me

That I’m worthless and a mistake,

But I want to truly believe the opposite,

And I’m really the only one

Stopping myself from receiving it;

Fear can be my answer for everything,

But it doesn’t have to be

Cause we are brave enough,

Strong enough to pull ourselves up,

And in time, be free…

You just have to want it hard enough…

I know I do;

I will take a leap of faith,

I will be brave

No matter what comes my way,

I believe I’m here for a purpose,

And I want to know what He has for me,

So I will go from depth to surface

And walk on the water with Jesus;

I will keep my eyes focused on Him

And learn to trust God

Cause I know with Him,

I can’t be weak…

I will go from fear to faith.

~ Bethany Anne