Deeper And Deeper

Deeper and deeper

I want go with You

Till there is no division

Till I am One with You

Till I am lost to the world

And we are never apart

Dying daily

Till I am no more

Stripped to the core

Till my life is a portrait

of Your kindness and mercy

Till my life resembles Your heart

to the broken and hurt

Till You have moved in

Making me Your habitation

Your blood washed daughter

whom You restored

Lost in Your love

Is where I want to be

Separated and abandoned only unto You

In You I have found everything I need

You healed my broken heart

Gave me a brand new start

I am nothing

If I don’t have You

You are my life

My reason for living

The air that I breath

The dawn of my every day

Not for a moment

Do I want to be away from You

You are my Knight

Dressed in robe’s of light

You have rescued me

You are the One with the glass slipper

I just could not see

I searched all over for You

While You were right here

Nothing satisfies me

Like You do

No one fills my voids

Like You do

When I was searching for answers

You were right beside me

Lovingly healing and leading me

When darkness tried to draw me in

You stepped in

I will forever be thankful

For the price You have paid

When I did not know You

You thought of me

You fought for me

While I was lost in sin

What love is this?

I question myself

That the One without sin died for me

I am overtaken by Your presence

You quiet me with Your love

Nothing and no one can keep us apart

For everything we long for

Is found in Your presence.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Deeper And Deeper

The Journey