It Won’t Last Forever

Maybe when we get knocked down

we’re supposed to stay there awhile-

absorb every pain,

every feeling,

so that when we feel better

and are in a sound mind,

we can help another soul

go from darkness to light

and not just say we understand,

but know what it’s like

cause we didn’t just experience it,

we learned all we could

from the darkness we walked through;

i know that the moment feels like it lasts forever

cause it never seems to get better,

only worse;

i know the feeling of intense fear,


sadness curling up inside

and it sucks;

people try to reach out and help,

but you feel lost

and no matter what you do,

you seem to distance yourself

further and further away from the shore;

you are fighting for your life

although you’re tired,

you are strong even though you feel weak,

you are beautiful

even though you think all that’s left of you are ashes,

even when it feels like you won’t survive

you will cause you know you aren’t a quitter,

and you know this even though your mind

tries to tell you that you are;

i feel stuck,

like i can’t move

and maybe i’m not suppose to;

i keep hoping to be free one day,

but maybe for now

i’m to be here,

and truly absorb everything

so i can be free one day

and be able and let it all go,

cause i know one day

my time will come,

and i will be free from it all,

all that’s enslaving me;

i won’t give up,

but i will fight

and be content in this storm

cause i have to believe

it won’t last forever.

~ Bethany Anne