Vision Statement

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”  

What do we desire?  For even Solomon advised us to follow our hearts (with a caveat that we should remember that there is a judge of our hearts).

I think what I desire most is what most people desire, and that is to live a productive life and to be an encouragement to others.

Simple enough, but it seems to be all consuming, for it seems our natural default is to live a self centered life, which seems to be a discouragement to others.

So, following a God given vision is going to require all that we have and all that we are – every ounce of courage and determination.

We were born for greatness, and the only tragedies in life seem to be the stories of those who chose the wrong star to follow.

For there is only one true north, one northern star; there is really only one way to greatness, and Jesus showed us that way.

The way up is down.  Down to earth, down to service, down to sacrifice for others.  This is where faith comes into play.

Does it really work?  Jesus was exalted to the highest place and given the name above every name, but will his way work in our little mean world?  Will it work for the average mortal?

What is the reward for those who serve and follow Jesus?

Centuries have proven that it works, and the reward is Jesus himself.  When we serve God with our hearts and lives, he becomes our friend.  

Friends with God?  Really?  Does the Most High God even need friends?  And why on earth would he pick us?  

Yes, God needs friends, and he has chosen us to be his friends.  He doesn’t judge like we sometimes judge – valuing a person’s wealth, influence, beauty, or youth.

He is looking for humble, contrite spirits.

Every broken hearted, repentant sinner is welcome in his house.  Every redeemed wretch is invited to dine.  Maybe that is why many proud men turn up their noses at the invitation.

It is way too egalitarian, way too fair, way too humble a crowd.  So, come to the wedding feast, all you born again wayfarers.  

Your place is reserved, and your robe and crown are waiting!

~ Brad Heilhecker