Radiant Bride

You have been hiding too long

It’s time to be the light

I have called you to be

It is time to spread your wings

Take Me by My word

and fly with Me

You know the assignment on your life

I have trained you through many hardships

To take your place

in My end-time army

There was a reason for your pain

There was purpose in your trials

I birthed My heart within you

My love now burns through you

A new day has downed

You are My radiant bride

Dressed in fine linen

I see Myself in you

You are lost to the world

Separated only unto Me

Purified through many tests

You held fast to My hand

Through many painful seasons

I was your refuge

Bringing you back to life

Back to My heart

The only place where

you have discovered perfect peace

Many enemies and challenges

Many storms and fiery furnaces

You have faced

You now know that it was so necessary

You grew into My warrior daughter

Received your training

while you were bleeding

Trying to run away from

the calling on your life

I knew you were stronger

than you think

More capable than

you would ever comprehend

You were made to war

You were made to win

You were made to walk away

with trophies and the spoils

of the enemy

You clung with all your might

to My promises

When others turned away

you never did

Passing many tests

Finding yourself in My presence

Going higher and deeper

with Me

Boldness now your trademark

My love your anchor

My presence your protection

I think back and see you

scared and wounded

A rejected son and daughter

With no strength

Ready to give in to the enemy’s voice

I wooed you in

I lured you with My love

Till you followed Me willingly

You walked through many valley’s

Finding your way

through the dark

Falling and crawling

Tired with no strength

You held on to your faith

When fear stared you in the face

You clung to Me and never let go of Our love

Here you are now

Where you never thought you would be

Ready to invade and take over

Ready to reign with Me

I am extending My scepter

for you have done well!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Radiant Bride

The Journey