Still A Warrior

i walk

by the ocean

that holds


i have not yet


about me;

the sand

beneath my feet

holds memories

i can’t remember

about who i once was,

and it kills me,

but i often wonder

if it would make a difference


my mind escapes me

and i am soon lost,

in the middle of the ocean





cause the waves are crashing,

sharks are circling ’round,

darkness is closing in,

and i feel stuck,

and i wonder why,

why am i here?

what could i have done

to avoid this?

i want to become one

with the ocean-

to be strong,



and to allow my fears

to pass through me,

not allowing it

to destroy me;

i will not wait for the chaos

to become quiet,

for the fear to leave

me alone;


i will fight now

for my life

with all i got

cause i am still a warrior

no matter how wounded

i become

from the battle

to be alive,


and free.

~ Bethany Anne

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