Away From Your Presence

I found myself alone

Away from Your presence

Sin drew me in

To places I never thought

I would visit

I did not listen

to Your still small voice

begging me to not go that way

Your warnings were many

I preferred not to listen

I could not pay the price

You asked of me

It was easier to have it my way

Like the prodigal son

I chose the things of the world

Yet he came to his senses

I never did

Here I am today

Alone and abandoned

from Your presence

Nothing to show

that is of worth

Empty handed

I know how feeble I was

It was my way or the high way

Pride ruled my life

It still does

The sad thing is

I clung to it

The one thing

that would be my downfall

became my idol unknowingly

Darkness has a way

of drawing you in

To places you never thought

you would visit

The enemy knows our weaknesses

He just presses our buttons

And off we go like a lamb

to be slaughtered


Very obedient

We all have a choice

I have to take the blame

for the choices I chose to make

His grace was always available

I chose not to make use of it

The stench of sin clings to me

But I don’t care

It’s all about me and what I want

I am the director of my life

Everyone will have to dance

to my tune

Selfishness my truth

Pride my safe place

Sin my habitation

And the longer I stayed

The tug on my heart went away

I did not care

about the trail of pain

I left behind

The meaningless life I have lived

No time for remorse

No time to think about wasted years

and ruined lives

I have lived my life

To the worst of my ability

For it’s all about me

It has always been

No time to listen

to that voice within

No time to think of the pain

I have caused

No time to think of God

Who had these beautiful dreams for me

No time to think how different my life

could have been

Had I listened

to His still small voice

I chose to chase after sin

the demon’s I was supposed to eliminate

Became my best playmates

Luring me further and further away

From Papa’s dreams for me

My life on display for all to see


No need for lies

Or a place to hide


I had a chance to fall on my knees

Ask for forgiveness

but I never did

It was all about me

and my need to impress

To chase after the things

of the world

Nothing of meaning

I leave behind

Only an empty life

With no positive impact

Many forgotten dreams

A generation bleeding

because pride was my god

I once knew God

but I made the choice

to turn my back on Him

Drifting further and further away

Sometimes for a mere moment

I reflect how life could have been

If I surrendered and died to self.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Away From Your Presence

The Journey