Romanceit is what women long for and what men fear, for women are looking for men that will make their lives an adventure, not a tragedy.

So, men, how do we live in such a way that our daily lives are an adventure, not a travesty of justice?  What makes life interesting?  What gives life flavor?  What compels us to get up each day and face this cruel world?

Men, it is your greatest fear – relationships.

We would rather jump out of airplanes, climb frozen mountains, or work 16 hour days to build empires that will someday crumble than to invest ourselves in the tricky, unpredictable world of relationships.  This is not entirely without reason.

Failed relationships hurt; friends can betray us; people often need way more than we can provide.  And we often feel that we don’t have that much to contribute to relationships.  

Also, who can depend on the return on the investment?  It’s like a crapshoot; some days you win; some days you lose.

Fortunately, we have a personal coach.  He’s actually living inside us teaching us what to think, what to say, what to do, and what to pray.  Without him we would be sunk.

With him, we win.  Every time.  

Acceptance or rejection, friendship developed, or acquaintance lost, we win.  

We win because we had the courage to play. We win because, ultimately, nothing good is ever lost.  

Every kind word, every extended hand, every dollar loaned – it all comes back; it all pays dividends; it all makes us richer.

The only real danger is the temptation to quit – to quit loving, to quit giving, to quit trying.  

For when we do, our resources dry up; loneliness and fear set in, and despair starts trailing us, waiting to pounce and steal our hope.

You may have heard it said that the spiritual armor provided to every believer is primarily covering our front side.  We are to be in the battle, ever advancing.  Even when we must retreat a few steps, we keep our eyes focused on the coach, and our ears tuned to his voice, waiting for his next command that will turn the tide of the battle.

Make no mistake, our Coach knows how to win, and his undying determination is to create a team of winners!

~ Brad Heilhecker