Deliverance From Pride

Help, Lord!  Save, Father!  Come, Lord Jesus! Come, Holy Spirit!  Come and deliver your children!  

Save us from ourselves and our enemies. Keep us from exalting ourselves.  Keep us from exalting others.  Help us to stay away from selfish ambition and bitter envy.  Help us to stay with the flock.  Help us to keep our eyes on you.  May we always work, rest, and play for your honor and glory.

Jesus, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, is humble.  He is exalted over all, yet he is still humble and gentle.  Our Heavenly Father is humble.  He is the creator and designer of all, yet he still refuses to exalt himself forcefully over us.  He gladly receives our worship, when it is freely given, but he does not demand it.

All those that refuse to receive his free gift of life will one day be shown the door and allowed to go their own way, for there are some who would rather be in agony than to bow their knees to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

Help, Lord!  Save, Father!  Come, Lord Jesus! Come, Holy Spirit!  Come and deliver your children!

~ Brad Heilhecker

2 thoughts on “Deliverance From Pride

  1. Please pray for my daughter Katie and Erin & Husband to be healthy again inside & to care for me. Please pray he stops cursing all the time. He is cooking for a Father’s day party. It needs to go better. Thanks. I saw what you said About exalting ourselves. We need to be our true selves in Christ Jesus. I am a Prophet, Christian Apostle. I want to be healthy inside & out & humble. I don’t want to sin. Please pray for Gods will in my life. I pray for you all.

    1. Jesus meet every need – heal every hurt – calm every storm for Nancy and her family. Restore them all to Divine Health – Mind Body Soul.


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