Wondrous Love

As I ponder on Your

greatness and majesty

I am surrounded by Your presence

Enveloped in Your love

Overtaken by Your kindness

What more can I ask for

Then to experience the heights

of Your wondrous love

Your love invaded my whole existence

The day I surrendered completely to Your will

You took my heart of stone

blew on it

Till it came back to life

Back to Your unrelenting love

I was created to know You in measures

far above what I could ever think or imagine

My life is an adventure, now that I know

the depth of Your love

The different layers of Your love

Inspires me to take my place

in Your end time army

Every day I discover a different

facet of Your heart for Me

I am intertwined with Your love

I wouldn’t dare breaking away

You make life worth living

Storms like a breeze

Warfare a learning curve

I know Your love burning in me

Gives me the ability to override

every plan of the enemy

My life on earth will be too short

to experience the awesomeness

of Your majestic heart for me

You don’t care about our past

Or the mistakes we have made

You know that when we experience

Your grace

We come home

Your love hunts us down

You search for

The outcast

The lonely soul

The one wrapped in pain

The one bound by sin

Engulfed by darkness

Controlled by the enemy

Your love will reach through every barrier

Your love will bring every high place down

Every demon it will put to flight

For the power of love

is our greatest warfare weapon

For too long we were robbed

Generations left hopeless

While everything we longed for

is found in You

You heal our scars

You make us brave

May each longing soul experience

Your heart filled with love

We are atmosphere changers

A remnant bride who know

Who and Whose we are

We move in Your authority

Not backing down

An army of lovesick lover’s

whose identity is hidden in You

The fragrance of heaven clings to us

We are living examples of Your love

extended to a lost and dying world

It’s only when we come to the end of ourselves

Broken and transparent

Lost to the world

and what it has to offer

Where our focus is Papa

and what He needs

to do through us

that our lives really begin.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Wondrous Love

The Journey