Restoration Stories – Michele Ahlswede

There is power in our testimonies.


Forced to be given up at birth.

Adopted into an abusive family.

Lived a life where my mother mentally, physically, and sexually abused me.

Raised in church (abuse hides in the pews).

Graduate of bible college.

Abused but allowed to travel the world.

Abused but gifted with using color.

Beat down told I was nothing, stupid, useless, and would never amount to anything.

BUT FOR GOD, I was covered and sheltered under the Most Highs wings to protect me from the brunt of what the enemy had in store from me.

God had greater things in store for me.

Survivor of 3 abusive marriages, because I had no idea who I was.

4th marriage to a great man of God.

Survivor of being homeless, of loosing everyone and everything I ever knew.

BUT FOR GOD, who worked miracle upon miracle to bring me out of everything.

I was an elected Mayor.

Honored by the Pentagon as Recipient of the Meritorious Civilian Service Award.

Professional Makeup Artist for 35 years in TV, Film, and Production work.

Arrested on felony charges and sent to jail in shackles.

BUT FOR GOD, who had all the false charges dismissed.

Mother of 3 children and grandmother of 6 beautiful children.

Reunited with my Birth family.

Now an ordained minister and Apostle with a healing and deliverance ministry that spans the globe.

BUT FOR GOD, blessed beyond measure.

Not one of my situations defined

who “I Am”, they only refined me.


I Am The Storm.

I am a Warrior Princess of the most high.

I am the one who snatches the prey from the enemies jaws.

I am the mouthpiece of God.

I am an extension of His hand .

I teach others to claim their legacy in Christ.

I Ignite the Fire of the Holy Spirit within their hearts.

I help them to receive Everything He has for us.

To be Healed, Whole, and Delivered.

I now fully know Who I Am…

~ Michele Ahlswede

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