Overwhelming Love

I don’t have to search for them

They are every where

Brokenness written all over their faces

Hiding their pain and shame

Living on the streets

Living next to me

Living even in my home

Sometimes sitting next to me in church

They smile and make small talk

Yet, if I know the One called love

If my heart really beats in rhythm with His

I would see the hurt many try to hide

Papa taught me long ago

That we all have our  “drugs”

Things we run to

when our pain gets too much

It is easy for me to live in denial

when I can point to someone

caught in the web of alcohol,

drugs or pornography

Yet at the end of the day

I run to mine to fill a void

Just like the one I like to judge

I was bound in shame and pain

not too long ago

Shackled to a painful journey

Hopelessness was my daily bread

Freedom a word I never knew

I knew Jesus yes, but I never had

an encounter with His heart

Running into Papa’s love made me new

To know that the King of the universe

is in love with me

Set me on a journey

of seeking His face

above all else

We look through different lenses

after we experience

Papa’s overwhelming love

Life as usual was over for me

I had to make it my mission

to spread the effects

of His redeeming love for me

He healed my torn apart heart

Showed me my value

I could not but want

each hurting soul

to experience what He so freely gives

Help us Papa to know

Your deep love for precious souls

Make us sensitive to Your voice

Not to just know Your word

but to be doers

Reaching out to the one’s

who don’t fit our molds

Your heart beating in and through us

Help us to reach out

to the downtrodden and broken

To see what You see

To hear what You hear

To speak life like You do

So that each wounded soul

will have an encounter

with Your amazing love

Help us to make a difference

wherever we find ourselves

To leave a print of Your heart

on each hurting soul

To do the uncomfortable

Take the weird stares

Love recklessly and fearlessly

Leaving our comfort-zones

To be Your hands and feet

Making an impact

One precious soul at a time

Your presence visible in our lives

Using every opportunity

to spread Your love.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Overwhelming Love

The Journey