June Prophetic Word

I recently found this You Tube Channel for Inez Marrinan from Ireland that has a good prophetic word for June.



2 thoughts on “June Prophetic Word

  1. Dear Inez my sister in Christ I am from Sligo and I watch you on YouTube I am a believer in Christ also I met Jesus almost 19years ago and He started walking with me and He has shown me His life in dreams and visions. He asked me to spread the Word so I wrote a book called Walking With Jesus I would like to send it to you, its a short read but Its all about how I met Jesus.
    because of Jesus I am strange to people but I know when Jesus comes back not many will know Him everyone would rather see His earthly mother Mary who was so blessed to be chosen Jesus also said I was chosen I did not know what for but now I do, it was to tell the story of Jesus His Life, Death and Resurrection and how we are to seek His Kingdom and His Righteousness first and pick up our cross and follow Him and know His Word in out hearts…

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