Contend For My Presence

Contend for My presence dear one’s

For the enemy would want to stop

what I want to do for and through you

It is important that you keep your focus

on Me and block out all other noises

The enemy is making it his mission

to distract My set apart one’s

For he knows that his days

are numbered in their lives

He is going big

trying to take you off course

He wants to blindside you

and then take you out

He will do anything to steal your focus

It is an all out war

to stop My plans and purposes

in your lives

You have gone through

many processes

Many levels of warfare

Many learning curves

This time you are battle ready

to stop his schemes

Seek My presence at any cost

Hide in Me

In My word

and let prayer become your wailing song

He is very strategic in his plans

To take you out if My presence

is not your dwelling place

He will take you out when you least expect it

You have come far dear ones

You have paid a high price

Bringing every sacrifice

I have asked of you

There were many days

when you wanted to give up

but you clung to Me with all your might

Prouder, I could not be

Of My army of love sick lovers

Yearning and going deeper with Me

So contend for My presence

I will restore you

and bring healing

to your weary soul

Do not look to your left and right

when challenges want to overwhelm you

Look to Me

the author and finisher of your faith

Your strength lies in your ability

to surrender and trust Me

I will reveal the strategies

and plans of the enemy

When you seek for Me

You do not have to run

and hide and fret

No dear one’s

I never lose a battle

Wait and see

For in My presence

darkness will have to flee

Be amazed by only My gaze

Soon everything will fall into place

and you will see clearly

where I led you all along.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Contend For My Presence

The Journey