Till Every Soul Is Free

It’s beautiful when

Your past,

As dark as it may be,

Brings light into someone’s darkness now;

When you share your story,

Your past experiences

And pain,

And show people your real side,

It’s all people really want

To see,

To experience,

Cause fake is so common

In this world,

That’s why victims

Need to know they’re not alone,

That they’re beautiful,

That they matter;

The way you can show them they matter

Is by breathing truth

In the midst of their pain,

Bleeding love to them

Cause all they know is shame;

No matter how painful,

How damaged their past was,

Anyone can be free

And live their lives to their full potential;

It is a choice

I choose to be obedient to God

And be a light in others’ darkness

No matter how uncomfortable,


Or scary it may be for me;

I won’t stay silent for justice

Till every soul is free

From bondage

To shame,


And pain;

Our past doesn’t define us,

What we choose to do with it, does.

~ Bethany Anne