My Distinguished Ones

In this hour I am raising up

My distinguished one’s

They will be known as

the wilderness ones

Crushed and pressed

through adversity

Dark nights and tough times

birthed something in these blazing ones

that will be recognized by

My glory and love on their lives

Hidden ones come out

of the caves

Show yourself

For My glory will be like

midnight oil flowing

from the heads of these one’s

Different in speech

Different in the anointing

they carry

Produced under pressure

when all of hell tried to stop them

The enemy fears these glory carriers

which he could not stop

The mandate on their life

birthed in heaven

It will be like an explosion on earth

as these set apart

distinguished ones step out

and take a hold of their blueprint

birthed under the unction of My voice

The adversity and wilderness

was so necessary

You will thank Me for taking you

through these trials and tribulations

It birthed something of everlasting value

within you

It’s part of you and the blueprint

I called you to carry

As you hide in Me

you will hear My voice

Receive My direction

And follow suit

Ready to invade and overtake

To carry the sound of My heart

To run with My word in your mouth

Breaking of every limitation

and lie of the enemy

And as you declare ‘Let My people go’

My anointing will set people free

Restore them to their rightful place in Me

The time is now

Be ready at all times

To bring My presence

to every dead situation

My glory on your life

will do the uncommon

Hidden ones

take your place

You have been prepared

for such a time as this

Nothing you went through

was in vain

You will soon see

why the enemy tried

everything in his power

to stop you.

~ Ebigale Wilson

My Distinguished Ones

The Journey