Out Of The Forest

It is gripping my arm,

Pulling me in

Deeper and deeper

Into the forest

Where I find myself lost,

Looking for a way out,

But fail to find one;

It’s shadows cover me

And I wonder

When I will wake up

From this nightmare,

So I can get back to reality;

The harder I try,

The more thorns cut into my flesh,

Thoughts swarm my mind,

And reality

Drifts further and further away;

I want it to leave me alone,

So I can return back here

And keep moving forward

Without this nightmare

Enveloping my mind,

Causing this warrior

To be weak and tired;

Even though it’s draining,

I’m still fighting

With every single breath I take,

Word I say,

I will not allow this fear to kill me,

I am in control of my direction

And I’m not giving up

Till I beat this ugly monster,

He will fall hard

And be destroyed,

But only then, will I be free from it;

Till then,

I’ll keep my head up

Look for the ray of sunshine

And follow it

Out of the forest

It has led me into;

Even though I’m terrified

I will fight with all I got,

This fear will soon be destroyed

And I will be free from it,

I will face it straight on

And kill it,

I will rise above this.

~ Bethany Anne