What Will You Choose?

You must think that I’m weak,

that when I fall,

I won’t get back up,

that eventually, I will fail,

but you are wrong;

yes, I am terrified,

but I will run towards the enemy,

not away from it;

fear only remains as long as I give in

but I am done;

and no, that doesn’t mean

I’ll never be under attack

or feel fear ever again

cause I know I will,

but I won’t let it keep me enslaved;

I will fight back

I will be free, eventually;

We are warriors

and warriors fight

backing down is NEVER an option

making excuses,

running away from the storm,

hiding from the enemy

isn’t who we are,

it isn’t who I am,

it’s not in my blood;

my blood flows through me strong

and this body is my instrument

to use to push back the enemy,

to fight,

to use all the force I have

to crush darkness under my feet

where it belongs;

fear is meant to be destroyed,

but it can only be if you decide to follow through

it is up to you,

in your own life;

you can be a slave to fear

or free in Christ,

the choice is up to you;

what will you choose?

~ Bethany Anne