You Are One Of A Kind

No one will ever love you

more than I do

No one will ever be

who I am to you

You are My beloved

I have inscribed you

on the palms of My hands

We forever One

You will never fully comprehend

how much you mean to Me

I am longing and searching

for you

Always pursuing you

If you would just stop for a moment

You would see the future

I have planned for you

Full of adventure

We will slay many giants

Visit heavenly realms

My presence will fill

every void in your life

A love like ours only pursued

by the hungry ones

Who have tried many other routes

To escape from Me

Yet I am a jealous God

Leading them back to Me

Healing and transforming hearts

To be One with Me

So many possibilities

locked inside of you

You will never know

how strong you are

Till you step out

Hand Me the reigns

Rest and trust in Me

You will always be

in the centre of My will

Let go of your past

and your pain

Hand it to Me

I am the Potter

I will create a masterpiece

Out of the many detours

you had to take

Let your desire be only after Me

You will see how I make every

crooked place straight

in your life

If you’re ready for an adventure

to experience My heart

You will see that when

you search for Me

Your heart will beat in rhythm with Mine

We will speak the same language

You will only follow My voice

My gaze will lead you further

and further into the unfamiliar

You were made to be different

You were created to stand out

With Me as your anchor

Nothing will be able to lead you astray

I will lead you to places undiscovered by many

Our secret place encounters

will make you brave

You have tried many things

Which did not work

Your destiny hidden in Me

You are one of a kind

No eye has seen

what I have planned for us

Come away My bride

To drink from Me

I will be your guide

Taking you deeper with Me

Religion a distant memory

My presence a well

from where you live

Nothing will compare

when we explore

Miracles will happen

Fire will fall

Atmosphere’s will change

Joy will be your portion

When you long for Me

with your whole being.

~Ebigale Wilson

Your Are One Of A Kind

The Journey