I Have A Reason And A Rhyme

It’s time to go, it’s almost time,

I have a reason and a rhyme.

Did you think I’d let you down,

Perhaps you thought I might skip town.

I came to bring your Destiny,

I came to make you fully clean.

You thought that I forgot the time,

But I Am always right on time.

You did not see My plans for you,

But I knew what to plan for you.

I saw before your destined birth,

Just how you fit right into earth.

The plan I made was just for you,

This plan is just what you could do.

No one else could take your place,

You have My love, you have My grace.

I called you for a time like this,

I promise you, you will not miss.

I’ve placed my words inside your soul,

So speak them out for that’s the goal.

The words I send will not be void,

Their here to stay, I’ve made My choice.

I gave you wings so you could fly,

You are the Apple of My eye.

It’s time to fly to see new lands,

I’ve got your back, I’ve got your hand.

Fear is not a place for you,

I Am here in all you do.

You need not fret, I’ve planned it all,

There are no limits and no walls.

You’ve asked for Me to hear your cries,

You’ve asked Me how and asked Me why.

My reply to you was always yes,

Even when you were a mess.

It just took time to get you ready,

I made you firm, I made you steady.

The time has made you strong and brave,

For I knew what you did crave.

I set you up for all to see,

To be all that you could be.

It took a wait but now it’s time,

I’ve made this time for you to shine.

So go ahead and step on out,

Give a praise and give a shout.

I’ve honored those who’ve honored Me,

It’s time to partner, just you and Me.

So take My hand, we’ll fly away,

Into your perfect promise place.

You will be safe , no need to fear,

You’ve got my heart, you’ve got My ear.

Go ahead and March on in,

I’ll show you where, I’ll tell you when.

You’ll understand just what I’ve done,

My plan for you has just begun.

It’s time to go, it’s almost time,

I have a reason and a rhyme!

~ Krista Shirley

I Have A Reason And A Rhyme