Freedom Warriors

I will aim

I will shoot

And I won’t miss

Look out

I am coming;

Before, I hid from the war,

Fearing my enemies

And being a slave to fear,

But no more

I will not back down;

I am fierce,



I will take my enemies down

One by one

Just watch me

Cause I can’t stop

Till peace and justice

Cover the land;

I am mentally strong

I won’t allow man’s words

To affect my decisions

Or to cause me fear

From failure

Cause that’s only possible

If I give up

And that’s not even an option;

I will not give up

I will fight

With every ounce of strength

I have,

Which is plenty

To carry out my mission,

Which is to destroy

All that’s trying to destroy me;

I will not stand idle

I will keep watch for the enemy,

And when he comes into view,

I will destroy him;

Watch me bleed his truth

In the midst of lies,

I will praise my Father

When I am wounded

Cause I know the pain

Can only make me stronger;

I will not leave the wounded

To fight for themselves,

But will help them

Take down their enemies,

So they to, can be free

And know that they’re not alone;

Who is with me?

Who will fight?

Who will not give up?

We are born warriors

It’s up to us to accept the challenge,

To be warriors and fight

For freedom-

For fear to take the back seat

And for us to be led by fearlessness

Cause we are stronger than we think

And we can only know how strong

If we practice and are ready

For war,

So stand up,

Take your place,

And FIGHT!!!!!

~ Bethany Anne