Good And Ready

“Son, go do your homework.”

“I will, Dad, when I am good and ready.”

Which of us has ever had the nerve to speak like that to a parent? However, there may be some truth to that son’s response.

Could it be that Our Father won’t even ask us to do something for him until he has first instilled goodness and readiness in us?

In Mark, chapter 4, Jesus tells a story of the various stages of a wheat plant’s growth.

To fast forward to the end, the harvester doesn’t harvest the wheat until it is fully ripe, and the wheat plant had little to do with its own growth; it just happened. The same is true in our lives; Our Father causes us to grow, and, when we are ready, he allows us to bear fruit for him in some way, either in word, deed, prayer or praise. Our part was to stay planted; his part was to cause the growth and, then, to harvest the fruit.

We may be afraid that the Lord is going to ask us to do something which we can’t do or don’t want to do. We can rest easy; he is first going to equip us before sending us into battle, and his commands come with enough lead time for us to fully discuss our objections and fully exhaust our arguments.

So, when we are “good and ready“, he will dispatch us to fulfill his good pleasure in our lives, and we will learn that he knew what he was talking about all the time. We will learn that his will is best after all.

“Son, go take out the trash.”

“I will, Dad, for you have made me ‘good and ready.'”

“Son, enter into the joy of your Lord.”

“Thank you, Father. I will.”

~ Brad Heilhecker