Beauty For Ashes

There’s an army of women

coming out of hiding

all over the earth

They were trained in seclusion

The processes of life

birthed something irrevocable

within the ones

that chose to trust Papa

in the midst of painful journeys

It’s like looking into a mirror

when you meet these

set apart women

You see the similarities

between yourself and them

The scars that were turned into trophies

of battles won

The pain, losses, rejection and agony,

birthed a depth within them

that cannot be copied

or bought

It came with the pressure

crushing and breaking

of the process

Birthing something rare

and valuable within them

That could only exist

because  they said “yes”,

while still in a state of hopelessness

They speak from a well within

Touching and transforming lives without effort

because of the anointing

that now rest on their lives

They have paid a high price

for the costly fragrant oils

that now set them apart

Obedient to a call greater

than they imagined

Papa was their anchor

cheering them on

and building their faith

While they fade in the background

He is more evident in their lives

There is just something different

about a woman

who walked through hell

and survived

Who took possession

of her testimony

Eliminating demons

trying to infiltrate and sabotage her bloodline

She gives the enemy no foothold

because she knows her Father intimately

The fragrance she leaves

wherever she tread

Stirs a longing in others

to know the One she adores

Revelation flows from her lips

Birthed through relationship and intimacy

She wear her scars as badges of honour

Knowing that it brought her closer to her King

The anointing on her testimony

heals the broken hearted

and sets captives free

She had to walk through

the fire furnace herself

Not to glean of someone else’s testimony

but so that she would be able to carry

the weight of His glory

Her life became a testimony

of many battles won

A story of uncommon faith

She never gave ear to the whispers

trying to distract her

She never retreated

in the face of the enemy

Giving up?

No!! Never!!

Instead she took off her mask

And she took up her sword

Ready to conquer and win

Trained under the watchful eye of her King

She blossomed

She knows no fear

She only knows

how to war

and to win

Vulnerable and transparent

She shares the heart and faithfulness

of her Father

Her mouth drips with His oils

She walks in His anointing

Born through adversity, pain and many losses

The things of the world are meaningless to her

You will find her alone

In His presence

Seeking His face

Talking and laughing

and thanking her King

For taking her ashes

and giving her beauty.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Beauty For Ashes

The Journey