The word strikes terror into the heart.

Or fascination.

We are communal creatures; we crave company, and, yet, sometimes we demand to be left alone.

So, which is it, terror or fascination, or both?

With others, we learn how to love.

Alone, we learn how to just be.

We may not really know who we really are until we are left alone for awhile and have to find our own way.

Which roads shall we choose, what shall we think about, what choices need to be made, and how shall we make them? Who are our friends, and how shall we interact with them? Maybe, most importantly, who is Our God, and how shall we be with him?

Our families and friends may be able to help us find our way, if we will let them, but only our God is able to tell us definitively who we are and then give us the power to be who we were created to be.

So, we need time with both our families and friends and, also, with our God.

With him, we have to be transparent; we know that we can’t pretend to be somebody we only wish we were. Ultimately, we have to be quiet and listen to him and prepare ourselves to obey him, for, somehow, deep in our souls, we know that our success in life depends on it.

We may avoid our times with him, busying ourselves with entertainment, but, sooner or later, we must meet with him. Then, we will find out who we really are and what he would have us do.

We may go through life as a part of a group, but we will face the final judgement seat of Christ as individuals. Nobody will be able to speak for us, and we will not be able to speak for others. It will just be us, the choices we made, and the persons we became.

In life, we may have indulged ourselves with blaming God for things, when we were not ready to take responsibility for our own actions.

Here, we will have our day in court.

I am sure that God will be able to defend the choices that he made in our lives. God is love, and the choices he makes, he makes in love. The challenge for us is to be ready on that day to say that our choices in life were based on faith in him and love for our fellow man.

Did we choose to follow Christ, or did we live for ourselves? Did we learn how to please God, or did we live lives of luxury and self indulgence? Our eternal inheritance depends on our answer to these two questions.

~ Brad Heilhecker

Image – Freddie Marriage – Unsplash

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