The Question Is

Can it be? Do we trust that our faith in Christ’s atoning sacrifice is sufficient for the forgiveness of our sins, the cleansing of our sin, and ultimately the complete removal of all that is sin from our life when we are glorified with him?

Our only part to play is to trust him? And where does this faith come from? How long will it last? And, even if it is true, what if God changes his mind and withdraws his love and his faith from our hearts? What then?

Peter writes in 2nd Peter, Chapter 1, “Be eager to make your calling and election sure. Then you will never fall, and you will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Jesus also says in Mathew, Chapter 22, “Many are called, but few are chosen.”

He says this about a man who was invited to the king’s son’s wedding feast, but who came to the feast without wearing wedding clothes, and who, ultimately, was thrown outside the feast.

So, it sounds like the chosen ones are the ones who are wise enough to put on wedding clothes before going to the Lord’s wedding.

Our faith in Christ’s sacrifice is our wedding clothes. We receive it as a gift, and it will never be taken from us. Our job is to become fully convinced of that fact.

There is much written about persevering and holding on to our faith, and these admonitions need to be heeded. However, I like the analogy of a father who tells his 2 year old son to hold on to his hand while they are walking through a crowd.

The question is, “Who is ultimately holding on to whom?”

~ Brad Heilhecker

Image – Jelleke Vanooteghem – Unsplash