Out Of The Wilderness

Angry, tired, heartbroken, alone

You find yourself in the wilderness

The last place anyone would choose to visit

We like it when life is a breeze

No bumps in the road

No lessons learned

Why this detour Papa?

Why Papa does it have to be

this way?

No answers, just a cold silence

Why God, did I have to take

this journey?

This is your journey

Uniquely yours

Laid out for you to walk

There is much liberation locked up in the journey I have asked you to walk

No one can counterfeit the anointing that was birthed through your journey

You will share your testimony with many wounded souls

At the edge of giving up, wandering around

Darkness ready to move in, but I will use My faithful fireball’s to step into impossible situations and bring My light to every dark place and heart

Demonic forces won’t be able to stand in the presence of My branded one’s, coming forth in this hour

They have been tested and found faithful to come out of hiding and take their place

My presence will be around them like a wall of fire destroying every dark work of the enemy

They will be fearless, because the wilderness birthed tenacity within them, that can’t be copied by the one’s who despised the wilderness

Many don’t know that it’s possible

To walk through fire without smelling like smoke

Swim through wild storms without drowning

Your journey is there for

a reason

It will forever be your testimony

Of healing

Of restoration

Of breakthrough

Of unspeakable joy

You finding yourself in the centre of My heart

You walked this road with

so much boldness

Within you the heart of a lioness was birthed

You never would have known

The strength you possess

The mountains you can move

The demons you can stop

With Me by your side

Many lives will be impacted

Stories of hopelessness will

be rewritten

The hurt and rejected will

know their worth

The spiritualy blind will see

Captives will walk free

All because of the obedience

of a fearless generation

Who did not crumble under

the attacks of the enemy

They stood boldly through adversity

Through the onslaught of the enemy, they grew strong

The lessons you learned

The progress and growth

you made

The tests you passed

The vulnerability of your heart

The reckless faith that was born out of your journey

Will change the lives of many wandering souls out there

When you share how My love made a beautiful tapestry

Of your once messy life

Many bound up will run free

Freedom is locked up in a journey with Me

There is a new beginning for many broken lives in your journey

Be open, don’t hide anything for deliverance to a generation was locked up in your surrender

Healing can only start when you share your heart

You overcome him by the blood of the Lamb

And by the word of your testimony!

I am dancing and singing liberation songs over you

Thank you dear ones for standing strong

You will walk out of the wilderness

With a new song on your lips

Revelations 12:11

And they overcome him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death

Song of Solomon 8:5

Who is that coming up from the wilderness, leaning on her Beloved

~ Ebigale Wilson

Out Of The Wilderness

The Journey