For years she was locked up

in a prison of her past

The keys thrown away

Hopelessness keeping her

in bondage

No freedom in sight

The little girl still hiding

Behind her anger, pain and rejection

Freedom was waiting for her

but she did not know

Inviting her to step out and grab a hold

of what was her birthright

Papa is giving an invitation

to all of His daughter’s

Inviting them to go deeper

with Him

Past the hopelessness that clings to them

Past the voices that beg them to stay

Past fears keeping them in shackles

Rise up and take back

what the enemy took

Your voice!

Your future!

Your fight!

Go through the process of

deep healing

Surrender and give Him

your will

He knows what He is doing

You are dynamite waiting to

be set alight

The enemy fears the day

you send him to flight

In the wilderness

He will do a heart transplant

Every wall will have to crumble by His might

You don’t know just how

strong you are

This is the time for Papa’s daughters

to get their fight back

The enemy has stolen enough

While we sit back

He will restore His daughters

to their rightful place

They will walk in liberty

Experience breakthrough after breakthrough

Finding their purpose

locked in His heart

Nothing in your life

Would ever make sense

Till that moment when you see yourself through My eyes

Oh if you could get

just a glimpse of My heart

You will see how deeply

In love I am with you

My love will put all your broken pieces

back together again

It is available to you

Hand Me your heart

Surrender completely

To experience a fearless

life in Me

I will perfect you through

My splendour

Your life will be a testimony

of what I can do

He healed her heart

He erased her past

He set her free from every fear

that kept them apart

Her circumstances did not change

But she did

Her power was hidden in her surrender

On their journey of love

He spoke life over her and

She arose to take her place

His love gave her wings

Every yoke was broken

She could fly with Him

In His eyes

she saw what He knew all along

That she’s a demon slayer!

An atmosphere changer!

Rebuilder of ancient ruins!

A collector of spoils!

Generations turn to God

because of the legacy she leaves!

~ Ebigale Wilson


The Journey