Step Out And Take Your Place

Many like her cross my path every day

Written all over their faces

The pain they hide away

They smile, but it never reaches their eyes

For isn’t the eyes the windows to the soul?

Exposing their pain and hurt

To those who are inclined to His heart

Yet so many times we turn our backs

and walk away

Going through each day

as if it’s a blur

Smiling and laughing and making small talk

Please just don’t see the person

behind the smile that is hurt

There is no one

who stops and listens

To offer a kind word

We are all too busy with our own lives

We don’t see the ones bleeding

before our very eyes

Pain and agony the place they abide in

Not knowing that there is a God

who knows them by name

A God who sees past the mask

To the fearless woman

He has created her to be

Your voice was silenced

Your heart still bleeding

Many broken dreams

in need of resurrection

Papa needs His daughters to arise

and shake off their grave clothes

The enemy is terrified

that His daughters will awake

To take up their position

in every sphere of society

He is eagerly waiting for you

to take your place

To step out and hand Him

your broken heart

He will put every broken piece

back together again

Where is the Esther’s, the Deborah’s and Ruth’s?

Who knows how to fight


to win?

Has giving up became our norm?

Who will take their place

fight back and say

“Enough is enough!

I will take my place!”

Many hurting hearts are waiting

for you to greet your past

Take the mask of your face

and face every demon

that has been stealing your destiny for years

Papa wants His daughters to step out

into His dreams for them

Time is running out

We need to make Him our focus

and follow His lead

There are too many broken daughters

still fast asleep

There is no time to waste

People are in pain, hiding and dying

without knowing our Lord

Your day of healing is at hand

I have been waiting to step

into all the impossibilities in your life

The enemy blindsided you

By painting pictures of your demise

I am here to declare that My daughters

will arise and take their place

Boldly and unapologetically

They will step out

and be atmosphere changers

Bringing life to every dead situation

Healing to every broken heart

They will decree and declare

My oracle’s

They will know no fear

For intimacy with Me

will make them tenacious

They will be dead to self

and they will take me at My word

The dead will rise and

the blind will see

Breakthrough will happen wherever they tread

Restoration of broken families

Prodigals returning home

The time is at hand

take your place

and burn with My love

Step out dear ones

many are still captive

waiting for you to deliver

their breakthrough!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Step Out And Take Your Place

The Journey