I Will Be Free

Fear can be your answer for everything

if you want,

but it doesn’t have to be;

you can choose

to allow the fear to remain,

be a slave to fear

and never embrace life

cause you’re too terrified

to try,

to get hurt,

believing something bad might happen,

but what if it doesn’t;

there are doors

He’s waiting on me

to open;

it’s a choice-

I can remain in a cage of fear

or tune to the bird’s freedom,

I want to be free,

but i’m the only one

who can change that;

to be fearless,

I must rid myself of fear

in order to be more like Him;

I can fight

I can be a victor

and I can be free;

I will be

and I will soar on wings like eagles

above depths that were once my home,

but won’t be for much longer

cause I know He will help me

be strong,


and ultimately…


~ Bethany Anne

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