Journey Conversations

It is not time to be scared

To run and hide away

I am always with you

Till the end of days

Lift your chin up

And face the world

Embrace your journey

You are stronger than you think

I know that you are tired

That your hurt shouts louder than My word

Your mind reciting your pain

Instead of My promises

It feels like darkness

has become your habitation

You long for the sound

of My voice

The warmth of My presence

Our hearts beating as One

I walked you through many detours

Through painful times

I was always there

I loved you through

every trying time

Don’t think for a moment

that I am not with you

I am with you always

I love it when you worship

and seek My face

In the midst of your pain

When you search for me

With your heart in your hand

Knowing that I will be true to my word

Though pain might try

to hinder you

Challenges come to shake

your faith

Lean into Me

I will be your strength

In the midst of every battle

I am your strong tower

Run into Me

I will do what you cannot do

You have come so far

With Me as your companion

Soon light will break through

and you will taste My grace

See My light spring up all around you

Believe that things will change

I am always true to My word

Shaky and unbalanced

Hanging on to a thread

I am with you dear one

Just like I always was

The previous seasons

were tough and tiring

Fire’s burning and oceans deep

You going through the motions

just to survive

Not knowing that there is growth

in every step you make

All of us walk

through tough times

Not knowing if we will see

the light of day

Going through losses

unbearable pain


and betrayal

Many questions on our lips

While God feels miles away

Silence keep us company

And hopelessness moves in

Do not linger too long

in the dark shadows

Papa has a plan

In the midst of your pain

Nothing you go through is a surprise to Him

You are stronger than you think

He believes in you

He will restore you

to His plans and purposes

Heal your heart

like it’s never been hurt

Fight for you

as if you are

His only child

You will see it all

He is a faithful God

I have experienced it all




unbearable pain

You name it

I have tasted it all

Papa used my journey

to train me to war

He turned this shy, timid woman

into His battle ax

And weapon of war

Looking back I know

that He used the trying times

To lure me back to His heart

When He gets the opportunity

to wreck our hearts

Life as usual will be no more

We will see ourself

the way He sees us



Deeply loved!

His heart will forever be

our dwelling place!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Journey Conversations