I Know …Hold On!

I know you want to wake up

from this unending nightmare,

to feel alive,

breathing inside

this storm




you wide open,



fears surface

as peace

seems to fade;

I know you’re trying

and hope seems lost,


you will make it

and maybe there will be scars

in the end,

but you shouldn’t feel


as those scars are trophies

to battles

you’ve fought and won;

feelings of loneliness

overwhelm you

as days and nights

come and go,

they make no difference

cause no matter what,

you fight

and although you may feel weak,

you are strong

for enduring this;

you are so far

from alone

cause everyone fights

their own battles

some are just better at masking it;

do not hide behind locked doors,

sleep under a clouded sky

full of constant storms,

bleed peace from within;

do not sell yourself short

cause you are worth so much more

than ignorance,



you are not worthless,

you are not invisible,

you carry purpose,

I know you want to be free

from it all

that is holding you back;

hold on to this life

with all you got;

your past and your daily battles

don’t define you,

what you choose to do with it does;

keep fighting

I know you want your mind

to tune to the bird’s freedom;

I know you sometimes feel so alone

and in so much agony

that you think you would be better off dead,

but that’s far from true;

you are a warrior

and while you may be wounded,

you’re still in this war,

so don’t give up

keep moving forward;

I know this is a daily struggle

and some days you may feel

like you’re going more backwards

than forward,

but you’re still alive

and that’s all that matters

cause you matter;

be kind to yourself

no one is perfect

you’ve come this far;

don’t give up

you’re going to be ok.

~ Bethany Anne