Dying Well

If we are to live well, we must prepare to die well. A life lived unconscious of our inevitable passing will of necessity be lacking in weight. We are not meant to stay here. Our dominion on this planet is short lived. Our destiny lies elsewhere. Our home is not here, and, if we are honest, neither is our heart.

Try as we might to claim this turf as ours, reality repeatedly proclaims, “Tread lightly pilgrim, you are walking on my soil; you are living on borrowed time, by my permission only.”

So, how do we prepare to die well? What is important to someone who is only passing through? How about honesty, truthfulness, and faithfulness, kindness, wisdom, and love? How about investing in the souls of men, the only thing that will pay eternal dividends? How about getting to know the one who sent us here and is calling us home?

Ironically, life lived with eternity in view yields sweeter temporal fruits than life lived for the moment. If all of our energy is invested in making ourselves comfortable here, we will miss out entirely on the benefits and peace that selfless living provides.

There is little joy in personal victories, unless someone besides us gets blessed. There is very little satisfaction in moments of triumph, unless we have the assurance that at least something of the moment is going to live on. We were created for eternity, and nothing short of Heaven will completely satisfy our homesick souls!

~ Brad Heilhecker