All Because She Does Not Know Her Worth

Sobs racing through her body

Alone on the bathroom floor

Tears streaming down her cheeks

She is hiding away

From all eyes

No one must know

about the enemy she is fighting

Alone in her own home

The one she thought would protect her

with his life

Chose to cause her much pain

All because she does not know her worth!

No one must see the deep wounds in her heart

No one must see the bruises she is covering

No one must know about the double life she lives

It is her little secret to live with

All because she does not know her worth!

She does not know what hurts more

Her bruised heart

or the scars on her body

No hope in sight

She is caught in his lies

Life goes on

or should she say

her nightmare continues

It is a small price to pay

for the happiness of her children

It is her job to keep her family together

To take the emotional, mental and physical abuse

And maybe, just maybe, it’s her fault anyway

All because she does not know her worth!

He makes it his daily task

to break down her soul

Little by little he lets everyone know

That she is worthless and deserves

what comes her way

The nightmare she lives out each day

Continues year after year

While the look in her eyes grows dim

Joy and hope now only words

she knew long ago

All because she does not her worth!

Where is all the promises he made to her?

Down the drain, like her self-worth and dreams

Instead to be treated like his queen

She had a taste of hell each day

All because she does not know her worth!

The woman she once was

won’t regocnize her now

She has lost her will to fight

It suits him just fine

Instead of facing his demons from long ago

It was easier to make her his scapegoat

and hide

While she whole heartedly agrees

Why would she allow him to do as he please?

Allow him the right to put a price tag to her worth?

All because she does not know her worth! 

The children grow up

Their smiles fading away

For no one really gave them a say

Dad did as he pleased

Mom silent as a grave

I am ready to explode

Suppressed anger

leading me down the same path

We, a dysfunctional family

who never knew our worth

No one thought of the effects

of this generational curse

Visiting me and robbing me

of my future in Christ

All because they never knew their worth!

No one was brave enough

to put an end to it

Mom thought she did what a godly wife

was supposed to do

Many times our eyes pleaded with her

To stand up to him

To show him our worth

To break free from this cycle of abuse

She was so caught up in the abuse

that she made it her truth

While darkness unnoticeably moved in

Through our silent voices

that were never heard

Yet the effects of his anger

and the effects of her silence

Gave the enemy an open door

to steal, kill and destroy

All because she did not know her worth!

~ Ebigale Wilson

All Because She Does Not Know Her Worth

The Journey