The Comfort Within

Cold is what she feels

When she steps outside

The comfort within,

And the space between

Here and there

Defines the moment

Before a breath

Can escape her lips;

She stands upon stones

Defining mere beginnings,


Already damaged

And you think her to be strong;

Words once trapped

Becomes free

As music pulls them out of the cage

Where the bird

Enslaved to silence


Yet no one heard a sound

Thanks to ignorance bleeding

Her heart broken,


Out of form;

The fragments of her mind


In an unfamiliar thought

She’s never been in before,

Which is terrifying

Yet beautiful at the same time;

Now she’s laying on the surface

Above depth

She will soon become

And it’s finally going to be ok

Cause she’s here

Till the war ends

And her heart hasn’t stopped

Beating yet.

~ Bethany Anne