Deeply Loved

Looking back over my life

I can see a trail of Papas faithfulness to me

I have gone through different seasons

Different times of crying and laughter

Of mourning and dancing

Of stagnating and growing

Of hate and of love

Papa has been my Faithful through it all

I have come to love Him

more than life

In the dark times

He was my Light

In the trying times

He was my Anchor

The times I wanted to give up

He would not let go of my hand

He lifted me higher

When my vision was blurred

Restoring my hope

when I was at my lowest

Through the wilderness He guided me

Away from all eyes

I discovered His immense love for me

A love that would hunt me down

Look for me in the darkest places

Even if I would try to hide

His love would find a way

to be with me

He loved me through my mistakes

my sin and my bad choices

His kindness towards me

Inspires me to live a life

that is pleasing to Him

He set me free from my fears and my pain

The reflection of my future in His loving eyes

Invited me to go deeper with Him

Past the person I once was

To the person He knew I could be

Washed and redeemed by His precious blood

Once a sinner, but now accepted

through grace

A daughter deeply loved by her Messiah

He showed me the true meaning of love

A love never based on my accomplishments

A love never based on my perfection

and hard work

My identity deeply embedded

in Him alone

Only when I had a revelation

of Papas love

My life could really begin

I can love without fear

I can trust without boundaries

I can do the impossible

With Him next to me

In our deepest weaknesses

and painful times

In our low self esteem and guilt ridden times

In our downtrodden and betrayal times

His love flows like billows into our lives

Healing our wounds and scars

Till we get a glimpse

of who He says we are

Oh how Papa loves us!

The King of the universe

Knows each of His daughters by name

There is a place in His heart

reserved for each one of us

His love completes us

His love defines us

We were the reason

He hung on a cross

The void in our hearts

is reserved for Papa alone

We are perfected daily

When we explore His love

We are precious and irreplaceable

We are one of a kind

His darling daughters

Called for such a time as this

To live His dreams for us.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Deeply Loved

The Journey