What Does The Job

There is potential in your hand that you are not even aware of.

Just like Moses in Exodus 4, Moses had a rod in his hand that he was unaware of the potential and power it carried.

Moses had to “throw it down” and obey God, in order to see what it could do.

At first he ran, frightened by it.

But once he realized the power it held and the honor that it was to know that God’s Rod is what did the job, and he got to handle it, that built his faith and courage to use it!

That is the same today with the Word Of God.

The Word is our Rod!

Nothing is more reliable in any situation than God’s Word.

Do you have a “Red Sea” that needs parting?

How about a “need” to spring forth from a rock?

Or maybe quite simply the “answer” to keeping your enemies at bay?

Whatever it is…..

Start “throwing down” and “lifting up” your Rod and see what God can do.

Remember …

it is God’s Rod That Does The Job!

Thank You, Heavenly Father for the privilege it is to carry “Your Rod” and to proclaim and release it over every situation that arises in my life and in the lives of others. Help me to have a reverential fear and awe that the power I have the privilege to carry and speak is not something to take lightly. Give me the boldness and belief that Your Word and Spirit is what started it all and it is what does the job. I just get to be the one to hold it and declare it so.

~ XXOO Michelle Bollom