One Lost Soul

Running away

from Your holy presence

The story of my life

I would not listen

to Your voice

drawing me in

Calling me to come closer

Begging me to not let the enemy in

Sin drew me in

Her enticing speech

caused me to yield

The strong man I once was

descending now to death

The enemy showed me the beginning

Withholding the end of my destination

I did not give ear to the voices

trying to warn me

What would they know?

Life is too short

It is all about my flesh and fantasies

I was made for so much more

than the mediocre life I live

Normal is not for me

That is what her lips

made me believe

The road less travelled I will forego

She told me I was made for greater things

That my current life is but a waste

I believed her lies

Ignoring what was important

I chose to pay a very high price

For momentarily things

My selfishness setting me

on a path of destruction

I was captivated by her beauty

Her smooth lips drew me in

The warning signs went off

but I was caught in her web

Her lips smoother than oil

Told me this path

would lead to life

Like a lamb led to be slaughtered

I willingly obey

She made sin look so appealing

I took her lies for truth

Wisdom and instruction

hidden far away

My pride made all the rules

I did not know eventually

her feet go down to death

Her door would lead me

straight to hell

Oh how I have hated instruction

The pictures she painted

of happiness and wealth

Put me in a trance

I had lots of cheerleaders

encouraging me to sin

While proclaiming they know God

Living double lives of compromise

How could I be so dumb?

Will I ever recover my losses

Will I ever regain my name

Far from God

in the pigpen

I awaken out of this trance

I never thought that sin

would bring me to this place

Ashamed, alone

the voices of my encouragers

now grew still

Where is all the promises

of glitter and gold?

All my fantasies

went down the drain

The grass that looked so green

Eventually grew pale

Oh how I have hated instruction!

I have lost my pride and integrity

On the verge of total ruin

I gave my years away

to the cruel one

Precious time

down the drain

I don’t have much to say

Life was all about me

How selfish I have been

My needs and wants important

Mammon became my god

With Jezebel my queen

Leading me further and further astray

Gone the man I once have been

God brought me to my knees

The scales fell off my eyes

My life flashed like a nightmare

I could not continue in sin

The enemy lost his hold

Running away from His light

my biggest regret

Many were praying for God

to open my eyes

I will forever be grateful

To a God who is always

in search of me

Although the stench

of the pigpen clings to me

His love looks past my sin

and sees my brokenness

His love pursues

and heals my heart

His love erases my sinful past

I will run back to my Father

Repent and embrace His grace

His love will transform me

into the son

He created me to be

He is still the God

who will leave the ninety nine

In search of one lost soul.

~ Ebigale Wilson

One Lost Soul

The Journey