Restoration Stories – Gina Guy Warren

When I was a young girl, I remember my father beating me so badly with one arm on the steering wheel and the other smashing into my chest in the passenger seat of the car. Apparently the car was swerving, so a police officer pulled us over. He asked if all was ok, and I attempted to speak as loudly as i could with my eyes. I needed help but the officer was won over by my fathers poised response. He had a rebellious daughter and he was handling it.

This was my everyday growing up. Two parents who didn’t know how to handle their daughter who was crying out from sexual abuse of another Christian, church going family member, but no one heard the cry nor did anyone want to get involved. All family members knew, and were also aware of the radical physical abuse I would receive once in the four walls of my home.

I married at 22 years old to a man 15 years older. I married my father without even realizing it. Because I never healed from my abuse before getting married, I entered into the same spirit that abused me. I never felt safe within the marriage of a porn addicted Pastor, who inwardly hated me, but I remained faithful as a Christian woman and fought the spiritual fight for 16 years.

My Pain drove me to Jesus literally every hour. I grew, saw Jesus face to face and received my healing all while in this marriage. I faced my accuser which cost me my entire family. Each one, including my brothers and my own parents never spoke to me again nor ever met my daughters. The Cost was great, the healing divine, and the voice of the Groom spoke to this bride daily. A real God, with Real Hope.

It was not easy working through it all and breaking EVERY soul tie I bound myself to but while i was single for 8 years, But i did the work because I KNEW there was a man on this planet for me because I saw HIM in the eyes and heart of Jesus everyday in my prayer closet. (My ex was ordained as a pastor, went from church to church tearing me down, then died of cancer. I moved him into My home 4 years after we divorced to care for him during hospice. It’s what Jesus would do. LOVE unselfishly. He ended up accusing me of attempted murder of which never was I charged. Allegations dismissed)

I Rarely EVER tell any of my stories of which this is only ONE.


Some may find this to be an odd way to celebrate but oh, to the contrary.

May whoever reads this Brief glimpse of my story be filled with HOPE. Facing our pain and effects of trauma and abuse will never be pleasant…ever. But the rewards are beyond what you can imagine

All those years I sought the face of God. Not His hands but His face. He told me there would come a man who was pure. Nothing like the men who protected me not, even in the church they turned a blind eye. But God.

He sent me Brian Warren . Pure. Fearless. Honorable. One worthy to be called husband, Pastor, Protector. God healed my broken soul ( mind will emotions) and when the healing came in full, Brian arrived.

I want everyone to know your pain has purpose. I know God is restoring the Faith and the Body of His beloved Bride. Whatever has been stolen from you, 100fold return is in your future. It may require you to face that which is painful, many will leave and not believe you, expose evil, and make decisions that are out of your comfort zone.

Never tolerate mediocrity! Don’t live with an OK marriage. Do something about it! Pray. Focus. Love until you have nothing more to Give! God will remove your abusers or Heal and Restore! Just don’t stay the same. It’s dangerous! He’s the Bride of restoration. He will heal and restore every broken relationship. If they choose Not, just choose Jesus. Keep your focus. You and Him!

I’m a LIVING, whole and Healed testimony that True love exists. Fairytales do exists. Don’t become bitter ladies. Rise up out of the ashes. Look what God can do!

I’m in Love. I’m at Peace. I am whole. When you find this place in God, LOVE finds you.

I’ve been found. I love you Brian Mrunbreakable Warren ❤️❤️. You’re a GOOD man. A true Leader. An example to all men and women. To the Church!! You’re hope to the hopeless. Defender of the weak. I thank God for the 3 years this far. Together we overcome what many marriages wouldn’t and don’t survive because we are ONE and God Himself joined us. It’s impossible to tear apart what God put together. What soul ties, sex and flesh put together, it can and will be torn apart. What GOD joins cannot be broken. He is able to keep what He joins.

Hope Hope Hope. Believe for the best. You are God’s best! You are a reflection of Him! To deny you would be to deny Himself. Impossible.

May Love find you this year in ALL your relationships. First may the marriage reflect how Jesus feels about His church! He’s come to heal! Oh won’t He do it! If He did it for The WARrens, He will do it for you!

~Gina Guy Warren

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