Thirsty Soul

I was reflecting on a conversation I had with a woman who was vulnerable enough to share some of her traumatic experiences with me. I was reminded how much damage the enemy can cause from deception. More so, my heart ached because it didn’t seem that this woman could move out from under his lies.

I thought about the woman at the well. We don’t know her by name, but many of us are familiar with her story. She was having a relationship with many men. After traveling, Jesus stopped to rest. He saw the woman and asked her for a drink. She responded saying, “I am a Samaritan woman, how could you ask me for a drink?” She understood that Jews didn’t talk to “Samaritans,” nor did they stop to talk with a woman without her husband there. Later, Jesus understood her sin, even calling it out, and yet he didn’t condemn her for it. He was interested in something more significant than her crime. She was missing out on eternal life with our Father.

Sometimes we live our lives like this. We get caught in the areas of life that produce unpredictable feelings. Our emotions consume us, and it becomes impossible to maneuver around them. The enemy plants seeds of doubt, convincing us to plant his lies in our hearts. We become blinded, unable to see the good that is around us and the abundant life God had intended for us.

At one point in the story, Jesus said, “If you only knew.” He understood her, and he knew her. She had been trying to satisfy her thirst with men. However, they never did quench it, and she was tired of traveling back to the well over and over again. Jesus invited the woman to learn something new. Our Father is the wellspring of life. Outside of Him, there is no fulfillment; In Him, we thirst no more.   

Lord, teach me your truth and your ways. I long daily to understand the direction that you want to take me in. I will wait for you. Help me to know that when I am thirsty, you are there to fulfill my every need. In Jesus name, Amen.

Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all the day long.~Psalm 25:5 ESV

Baring His Beauty,

Tiffany Thomas