Perfecting Our Faith

In oceans deep

Papa builds our faith

Through roaring waves

He navigates us

to His perfect peace

In our darkest nights

He is our light

He holds on to us

Through every fight

Love has its way

in every challenge

He is perfecting our faith

Strengthening our bond

Deepening our walk

Every day He is writing

our love story

A story of unwavering faith

Every challenge

pain and dark time

He uses for His glory

When we surrender

and rest in Him

He leads us to quiet waters

Green pastures will be our resting place

While Papa draws us

into His heart

To see the bigger picture

of His amazing love

He is building our faith

through each stumbling block

He makes us fearless

When waves crashes over us

We learn to focus our eyes

On our Father who knows best

The pictures the enemy paints

Won’t hold our gaze

The longer we walk with Papa

We look through eyes of faith

When all hell breaks loose

We trust in Him

Knowing that in every battle

He is in our midst

Training us to war

Training us to win

Our faith reaches depths

Never known to us before

He takes us to places

We never thought we would visit

Our faith take us higher

in Him

Till we just let go

and run with Him

into the unknown

He teaches and guides us

Till we pass our tests

Following Him blindly

For He knows best

While fear is still lurking

Challenges are still real

Warfare all around us

trying to numb us

We find our resting place

In the middle of storms

We know with one command

He calms every raging storm

He uses our challenges

To have His way in our lives

To show us how strong

we really are

While we want to cringe

and wish it away

He knows that we are capable

of overcoming every challenge

and obstacle coming our way

We were created to go above

what is the norm

With Him there

to show us the way

Till the impossible scare us

no more

With mountain moving faith

We do not retreat

We are lost in His dreams

We know no defeat

We step out and carry

His brave heart

Wherever we go

Believing only

what He declares over us

He is our anchor

The One we hold on to

Fear has lost its place

We look to the One

Who makes every

rough road smooth

The author and finisher

of our faith

Out of the ashes we will rise

His sons and His daughters

With mountain moving faith

To run our races

With love and humility

With character and integrity

Trusting Papa with our every breath

Our faith walk brought us

into Papa’s perfect rest.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Perfecting Our Faith

The Journey