Shame And Regret

People let their past haunt them into an early grave. They let the demons of shame and regret corral them into all manner of self destructive behavior.

The antidote to shame and regret is honor and glory – honor to replace shame and glory to replace regret.

If our life is honorable, then we will forsake shame in a heartbeat; if our life is filled with good things, then we can exult in the glory of these things.

However, there is an imposter that lurks in the shadows to hawk a discount substitute – the savior complex. “If we can just save the day.  If we can just rescue the damsel, the orphan, the lost soul, then we will be redeemed.” A very tempting but false hope.

No amount of good deeds can ever wipe away a shameful past; it just doesn’t work; shame and regret are just too powerful an enemy.

So, you’ve convinced me. I need help. What is this honor and glory you speak of?

Honor is often bestowed on someone who has served well in some capacity. We give glory to someone who reflects greatness in character or achievement.

So, who is going to show me how to attain to the place of honor and glory?

We must turn to the one worthy of all honor, praise, and glory to discover this precious truth. Only he can bestow the honor and glory our souls crave; only he can wipe away the pain of shame and regret.

May I present to you The King of Kings, The Lord of Lords, The Mighty One! When he puts his hand on your shoulder and says, “Arise, Beloved. Come walk with me and talk with me,” shame and regret make a hasty retreat. They shrivel in the radiance of The Majestic One.  These demons cannot stand the light of Christ.  

They must run and hide or risk burning up forever. Now, honor and glory can be freely bestowed. Christ has promised that The Father will honor those that serve him.  He goes on to say that he has given us his glory.

God will honor and glorify those who surrender their hearts into his keeping. As it is written, “No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly.”

~ Brad Heilhecker