Fierce Warrior

It’s so much easier to give up,

Than to face fear straight on-

Look it in the eyes

And say “enough is enough”

You have to stand up for yourself

Bleed endurance

Don’t beat yourself up,

But change your perspective

On life,

Pretty much everything

Cause if you’re being attacked

You’re supposed to fight back,

Not back down

Cause all of us

Deep down

Are warriors, fighters

A force to be reckoned with;

You have to run towards the enemy,

Not away from it

If you want to defeat it

And to be free at last;

When you choose to fight,

Don’t leave your sword behind

Cause you’re only setting yourself

Up for failure,

When you were destined for greatness,

To bury the keys to death

And take back your life;

Don’t give up

I don’t care how painful it gets

Take that pain

And allow it to make you stronger

Cause it will

Trust me, I know;


Than this wound

That has knocked you down,

But it won’t take your life away

Unless you allow it to,

But it doesn’t have to;

If you want to defeat the enemy,

Bandage the wound,

Then take that sword of yours

And keep fighting;

Cause you are stronger

And braver,

Fierce warrior

~ Bethany Anne