Pleasing Her King

Some would call her average

From a distance

there is nothing

special about her

‘Plain Jane’ would suit her perfectly

She is not one for dressing up

She is not one for expensive shoes and bags

I don’t see any jewelry

on her fingers or around her neck

Yet, when you meet her

You soon realise

That she’s got something

Few have laid hold of

She lives from a place

that not many have visited

Stirring a hunger

In those she encounters

Making them desperate for

the places she visits

Making them yearn for

the One she meets with

Awakening a deep longing

in everyone

For what is her norm

She is in this world

but not of this world

Some would call her too zealous

Some would call her too deep

Some would call her too spiritual

She does not fit the mold of religion

It suits her just fine

Intimacy with her Beloved

Her everything

She was created

to be different

She was created to stand out

Everywhere she treads

she leaves a trail of His heart

Living a holy life

Always pleasing her King

is important to her

She will not bring an offering

that costs her nothing

She does not waste her time

on trivial things

She lives and breaths

to do only His will

Her relationship with her heavenly Father

Is her priority

She knows that everything she is

and will ever be

Flows from the intimate moments

Between her and her Father

He calls her His beloved

A name that encompasses

her position in Him

Something she does not take lightly

For she knows by now

He shares His secrets

with those He can trust

Abandoned her agenda

and dreams long ago

To pick up His journey for her

She knows the importance

of preparing herself

Filling her lamp with oil

at all times

She does not give her ear

to hearsay

She is too busy

Being One with her Father

The things of this world

do not hold her attention

You will find her away

from the crowd

In His presence

Drinking from Papa

Till she overflows

Here she pours out

her love in reckless abandon

On the One she loves most

You will notice every time

She leaves His presence

She represents

a different part of His heart.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Pleasing Her King

The Journey