Godly Confidence

Drawn up from dust and created to shine

Filled with love; Your heart and mine.​ ​

Each given traits and gifts bestowed, ​​

Individually blessed, with no baggage in tow. ​

Growing toward the grace of God,

Seeking light in the fleshy world,​​​

Climbing out of negative thoughts, ​​

Dodging lies that the enemy would hurl.

A learned journey, this rocky path​

For a smooth trip is no teacher. ​​

Trusting that God has made us prepared,​

He equipped us with this feature. ​​

A Godly confidence, firm trust in Him,​​

Is our gift to combat the lies.​​

God knows who we are deep in our hearts

And wants us to see ourselves through His eyes.

~ Kim Weingart

Godly Confidence