She vaguely remembers a time

not so long ago

When pain was still her portion

When fear ruled her life

When she was dressed in rags

of hopelessness and despair

Then out of nowhere

He appeared on the scene

The One she came to love

with her whole being

She never would have made it through

the betrayal, the rejection, the deep pain

If it was not for her Bridegroom

He turned the bitter cup

That was placed in her hand

Into a cup of redemption and deep joy

She chose to follow Him blindly

When despair was her portion

Wasn’t He the One

Interceding for her

when all hell broke loose

Wasn’t He the One

Cheering her on

through the valley

of the shadow of death

Wasn’t He the One

Nursing her broken heart

back to life

The enemy is preparing his compromised bride

My Beloved is preparing

A set apart, holy, remnant bride

Who has eyes only for her Bridegroom

A bride so intoxicated and overtaken

by her Bridegrooms presence

No pain, no past, no fear

Can keep her from pursuing His heart

She has come to the end of herself

To be One with Him

The things of this world

have lost its hold on her

To be consumed and recklessly loved

By her Beloved

her only desire

For in His presence

She is transformed

into His beloved daughter

She burns with His love

Her lamp overflowing with oil

She walks in holiness

Honouring her King

With every move she makes

She couldn’t be stopped

by her fears and her pain

She couldn’t be stopped

by the sighs and the lies

She couldn’t be stopped

by religion and rules

She is free at last

to dwell with her Beloved

Following Him blindly

No matter the cost

He wrecked her heart

He has set her apart

She is seated in heavenly places

Next to her Beloved.

~ Ebigale Wilson


The Journey

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