Men Of Valour

Men of valour

Down generational lines

they came

There’s not many of them

When you meet them

You know that they are

an elite group of men

Making it their mission

to change the lives of not

just their own sons and daughters

but their hearts are big enough

to let more in

The outcast, the prodigal, the looked upon

Finds refuge in their embrace

The word ‘judge’ unknown to them

Every soul is important

Every person they encounter

special to the Father

Doesn’t matter if they’re

gay or straight

Substance abusers, orphans, prodigals

Their background not important

They know that the Father’s love

Can heal a wounded soul

These elite group of men

Trained by the Heavenly Father

Fought many personal battles themselves

Dealt with their own fears

Denying their flaws was never an option

Severe character training

Set them apart

No time for comfort zones

The next generation at risk

Waiting to be led

Giving up was never an option

Like Joseph, they passed the pit,

palace and prison tests

Making them a distinguished

group of men

Always keeping their hearts

and character intact

Obedience to the Father

No matter the cost

They are not perfect

but they know the One

who is perfect, intimately

They have experienced the Fathers

heart of love and mercy first hand

They are following the greatest

example of sacrificial love

So that each wounded soul

Can step into the Father’s

heart for them

They have been broken by the Father

and from that well of brokenness

They impact lives one by one

Encounters in His presence

made them brave

His love poured out on them

made them different

They are looking through

the lenses of His heart

Soaking in His presence

Made them aware of His love

for each searching soul

Love their trademark

Obedience their lifestyle

Hope their compass

Faith their legacy

They may be few in numbers

but the impact they make

Will trickle down to all generations

Leaving a heritage

Men of valour

Men who love and lead with honour

Men who shows kindness

To the least of them

Men who selflessly laid down

their own agendas

To train, equip and lead

the next generation

Giving their all so that each

spiritual son and daughter

will step into their calling

It’s not just about our little families

It’s about changing the world

Embracing the lonely

the hurt

the forgotten

For don’t we all have a story

That needs to be rewritten

The prodigals are waiting

Step into their lives

Their lives can only start

When you do your part.

~ Ebigale Wilson